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     Материнские платы : Asus P2-99B  

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Asus P2-99B

версия для печати


  • Supports Intel Pentium® III 450MHz~500MHz Processors.
  • Supports up to Intel CeleronTM266MHz processors.
  • Auto Detect and Regulate CPU Voltage From Being Overcurrent.
  • Flexible Settings of VIO Voltages
  • Intel® 440ZX AGPSet Support with 100MHz Front Side Bus

  • Multi Pipelined Bursted L2 Cache Built-in
AGP Slot
  • Support ) 1X / 2X mode bus.

Внешний вид платы ASUS P2-99B

System Memory
  • 3x 168-pin DIMMs Sockets Support 8MB to 256MB SDRAM for up to 512MB.
  • ECC or Parity support
On Board I/O
  • 2 x USBMIR Ports
  • 2 x Serial Ports
  • 1 x Parallel Port (ECP, EPP Port)
  • 1 x PS/2 Mouse Connector
  • 1 x AT Keyboard Connector
On Board PCI IDE
  • 2 x PCI Bus Master IDE Ports (Up to 4 IDE Devices). Support UltraDMA/33 : 33MB/Sec (Synchronous DMA Mode)
  • ATAPI IDE CD-ROM LS-120 supported
ATX Power Connector
  • Dual Function Power Button.
  • Keyboard Power Up
  • Soft Power Off Supported
  • Wake-up on Modem Ring, LAN, Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse, RTC Timer.
  • Supports Power Supply Thermal Sensor Connector
  • AC Power Loss Recovery Supports
Expansion Slots
  • 3 x 32-bit PCI slots
  • 1 x 32-bit AGP slot
  • 2 x 16-bit ISA slots
  • Award® AGP BIOS with Enhanced ACPI, DMI, Green, PnP. Features Plus Trend ChipAway Virus codes (TCAV) Symbios® SCSI BIOS.
  • Year 2000 Test Approved, CE, FCC Logos
  • 2M-bit Flash EEPROM
  • Write-Protection Flash From Being Infected by Boot Virus
Special Features
  • Universal Retention Mechanism
Board Size
  • Baby AT Form Factor with size : 22.1cm x 22.9cm (8.7" x 9.0")

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